At BSIC’s Secondary School level, we move to facilitating our students with the deeper understanding of subject specific areas. Hence, the students are provided a range of choices in their subjects, which help them understand to develop their capabilities.

The secondary age group extends from approximately 10 years to 12 years at Lower Secondary and 13 to 16 at upper secondary. Since BSIC’s education system enables her students to be well prepared for the positive intake of learning events at secondary stage, they get the opportunity in productive output and the gear up to take up their own initiative for a responsible and accountable learning.

Secondary School education at BSIC comes under two sections.

  • Lower Secondary - Forms I to III
  • Upper Secondary - Forms IV to VI

An outstanding feature of if BSIC’s education system is to help your child obtain an additional qualification to what they currently achieve.

BSIC caters to furnishing your child with the qualification of the G.C.E O/L set by the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka and also the qualification of international IGCSE of U.K.


Subjects of Lower Secondary School include

Local Curriculum

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Sinhala
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Geography
  7. Civics
  8. History
  9. Religion according to the child’s need
  10. Art
  11. Music
  12. Dancing
  13. Literature
  14. IT
  15. Hygine
  16. Tamil

IGCSE (UK) Curriculum

  1. English
  2. General Science
  3. Mathematics
  4. French
  5. Sinhala
  6. Art

Selection of subjects may be decided after discussion between parents and Principal.

As a result of the excellent performance showed by the students at the G.C.E. O/L examinations in the past years, the Board of Governors of BSIC took the decision to add the IGCSE (UK) to BSIC’s educational programme.

Upper Secondary School

Upper Secondary School extends from Form IV to Form VI. In addition to the subjects already offered at junior school, students have an option to choose from their special areas of subjects. The choice varies as follows.

  • Art / Music / Literature
  • Business Studies / Citizenship Education / Tamil
  • Health Science / Information Technology

Both at Lower and Upper Secondary School levels, BSIC takes the initiative to ensure the learning is subject to continuous assessment. This is done through built in programmes and achievement tests.

In order to assess the progress of the students a freshly updated term end test is conducted every term.

The management of BSIC takes pride in producing a very high pass rate of 100% almost in every subject offered at the G.C.E. O/L examination facilitating students qualify for the G.C.E. A/L’s. The outstanding performance of BSIC’s students have enabled them to enter universities not only in Sri Lanka but also in countries such as Australia, USA and many other countries.