As a growing school catering to the demands of your child, a variety of subjects is taught with the broader perspective of developing a range of knowledge on subject specific areas. BSIC has carefully structured this curriculum so that your child is provided with the opportunity of learning in diverse surroundings and situations contributing to the enrichment of skills development in specified areas. Lower Primary education essentially involves preparing your child for the Upper Primary School education.

Lowar Primary School

Lower Primary School education involves,

  • Language Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Development of Cognitive Skills & Intellectual Capacities
  • Aesthetic Skills Development
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Life Skills Training
  • Awareness of Physical Environment
  • Enhancement of Ethics & Morals
  • Music & Dancing
  • Art & Crafts
  • Information Technology
  • Religion

At Lower Primary school students not only get the kick-start for a sound education but also get the opportunity to work intensively exploring the problems encountered and resolving them with the guidance of the mentors.

Curriculum at the lower primary school is carefully planned out in such a way that mentors visit the classes in a regular basis ensuring the use of modern techniques in teaching and the use of attractive visual aids for joyful learning. Students prepared at this level are regularly assessed and guided in order to reach a high level of standards. Lower Primary Education is a prerequisite for the upper primary at BSIC.

Upper Primary School

In addition to the subject areas offered at lower primary, elaboration of further subjects are introduced. They are as follows.

  • Physical Science
  • Literature
  • Link Language (French & Tamil)

As Primary School is a stage which lays a foundation for higher learning, BSIC's Primary School provides her students with the loving care promoting them to secure the art of learning and widening their knowledge to be productive citizens to the nation, and to the global village at large.

The goal of BSIC ‘s curriculum for the Primary School education is structured laying emphasis on the broader perspective of strengthening the mental and physical compacities of each individual student. In the process of learning at Primary School level, exposure of your child to the understanding and using of the knowledge to help them to utilize it for the post primary education at the Junior School is well facilitated.