Come Join Us

Being a student at BSIC ask all what you want your child to be. BSIC is the leading school in the southern province which has produced outstanding personalities to the society ever since its inception. Students of BSIC have shown their colours at the state examinations with 100% pass rate. Opting BSIC for your child's education is the best move you shall take for your child's wellbeing.
BSIC is ever ready to help your child with the best she has to offer as a growing school with a wide range of scope for your childs future.
We are on the lookout for every opportunity to expose your child to environments in diverse fields in order to help your child find his/her potential.

Come Join Us

Being a member of BSIC's staff is becoming a noble personality contributing to educate a future generation. Being part of BSIC 's staff opens up your career for a better future. As a growing school cover on the progress we are looking for skilled, innovative and confident personalities who are ready to help us reach our goal of providing the best for the students of BSIC.
You will be part of our staff; the family of BSIC, where members are dynamic, vibrant, passionate and full of enthusiasm in field of education.