“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
“We at BSIC create opportunities for your child and make them happen, not just follow.”

Brilliant Stars International College's foundation school caters to the early childhood mastery of skills development enhancing the foundation for a total personality buildup. From the outset BSIC has taken every step to identify the inner potential of your child and enrich the inborn talents to encounter live situations in a global setting. BSIC considers it as her duty to ensure the responsibility and accountability of the task laid upon to her, to discharge them in consultation with the education systems providing intellectuals to the global world. Our curriculum is modeled to suit the rapidly developing knowledge and information hub required to be nourished in your child.

The value of unity in diversity and harmony are key aspects of education at BSIC. Inculcating in your child, love, peace and tranquility that is on demand for a full-fledged living are embedded in the Foundation School’s education systems in our institute. As a responsible educational organization, BSIC take the sole responsibility to provide your child with the qualities needed for the survival of a united nation. Hence, our curriculum is streamlined for the changing Global Village, altering when and where needed to suit the demands of the situations.

BSIC helps your child by providing opportunities for mind openers through manipulative skills and physical growth creativity through expression of art and design and understanding of the world around through exploration of the environment ,identification of inner potential through drama and variety entertainment, cognitive skills enhancing the intellectual capacities, language development ensuring, communicative competencies, interaction with others emphasizing social and emotional development needed for your child.

Area of Focus

Language Development

Communication and language development are considered key aspects which help your child enrich the knowledge on other subject areas. Hence, your child is exposed to a range of vocabulary, helping his potential to develop the confidence in expressing him or her in a range of speaking and listening situations.

Social & Emotional Development

Your child is provided with the opportunity for skills of counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple additions, subtractions, related problems and describing shapes, spaces and measures.

Development of Cognitive Skills & Intellectual Capacities

Understanding the world is about providing your child with ample opportunities to help him or her explore new environments, interact with the community around and understand, observe and find out information on people, places and things.

Aesthetic Skills Development

Developing the aesthetic skills through expression of art and design enables your child to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials for the shaping of thoughts and ideas freely. The ambiance the child is exposed to through a variety of activities in art, music, drama, dance, design and technology help carry your child to the destination which both the parents and the institution aspire.

Mathematical Skills

The Foundation School educators exploit every opportunity to help enhance the vocabulary and skills of reading and writing to a higher level of achievement.

Awareness of Physical Environment

Physical development is about helping your child use tiny and large muscles of the body with appropriate co-ordination, control and movement. Your child is also taught the value of good food habits and to follow them with joy.

Enhancement of Ethics & Morals

Personal, social and emotional development involve enabling your child to develop a positive and healthy mind set about themselves and others. In the process of formulating positive and developing respect for others around. BSIC also provides your child the skills needed to socially interact with the world around him or her and learn how to manage his or her feelings with confidence. This includes appropriate behavior patterns in groups and individually.


All foundation school activities are fun based and founded on the concept of learning with joy. Apart from the academic programme at foundation school levels. BSIC ensures your child is exposed to exploration of the environment and learning through experience.

Activities are the systematically organized. The specially trained foundation school educators handle the programme in all areas concerning the total well-being of the child. In the process, mathematical concepts, motor sensory development aspects, aesthetic skills, language skills development, norms and values are developed in your child through learning with joy activities.

Learning with joy activities include exposing your child to the correct atmosphere for a character moulding and good citizenship training need for a solid education. Being self-oriented is one of the Foundation School’s educational goals, the activities of which direct your child to opportunities that help them discover their inborn talents.

Linguistic competencies are best acquired at foundation school level. Thus, BSIC lays a special emphasis on developing your child’s vocabulary content at an initial outset in the mastery of the language. Activities include the motor sensory development in your child. Finally, all the activities are integrated towards achieving the aim of preparing your child’s total personality.