BSEA - Brilliant Stars English Academy

Brilliant Stars English Academy BSEA helps any individual an accomplished user of the English language. BSEA entertains students of all ages 3 years onwards and facilitate them master the English language!

Lessons online NOW!

◈ Develop skills in speaking!

◈ Bring text to life via performance!

Help students earn Certificates from World Recognized Colleges and Consortiums.

◉ Trinity College, London

◉ LAMDA-London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

◉ IELS- Institute of English Language and Speech

◉ IELTS- International English Language Testing System via the British Council

Courses for YOUNG & ADULT

- Speech & Drama

- Acting and Speaking

- Verse and Prose

- Performance Arts

- Communication Skills

- Public Speaking

- Impromptu/ Extemporaneous Speech